Specification for Aero and Aero-Derived Gas Turbine Engine Lubricants


This specification defines basic physical, chemical, and performance limits for 5 cSt grades of gas turbine engine lubricating oils used in aero and aero-derived marine and industrial applications, along with standard test methods and requirements for laboratories performing them. It also defines the quality control requirements to assure batch conformance and materials traceability, and the procedures to manage and communicate changes in oil formulation and brand. This specification invokes the Performance Review Institute (PRI) product qualification process. Requests for submittal information may be made to the PRI at the address in Appendix D Section D.2, referencing this specification. Products qualified to this specification are listed on a Qualified Products List (QPL) managed by the PRI. Additional tests and evaluations may be required by individual equipment builders before an oil is approved for use in their equipment. Approval and/or certification for use of a specific gas turbine oil in aero and aero-derived marine and industrial applications is the responsibility of the individual equipment builders and/or governmental authorities and is not implied by compliance with or qualification to this specification.


At the Fall 2017 meeting, committee E-34 requested that the oxidative stability test method Def Stan 05-50 (Part 61) method 9 and the limits associated with be moved from table 3 to Appendix A. This is because the method is considered to be currently out of control. Revision D of AS5780 implements this request.

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