JAUS Mobility Service Set


This document defines a set of standard application layer interfaces called JAUS Mobility Services. JAUS Services provide the means for software entities in an unmanned system or system of unmanned systems to communicate and coordinate their activities. The Mobility Services represent the vehicle platform-independent capabilities commonly found across all domains and types of unmanned systems (referred to as UxVs). At present, over 15 services are defined in this document many of which were updated in this revision to support Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs). Some examples include:


The rationale for this revision was that the notion of Mobility needed to be extended to include maritime vehicles and it needed to be synchronized with changes in the JAUS Core Service Set.The List manager Service was promoted to the Core; consequently, it was deleted from this document. Global and Local Pose have been updated to support additional altitude types. Depth has been added to several services to support unmanned undersea vehicles (UUVs). The following services have been added: Navigation State Service, Global Loiter Driver Service, Local Loiter Driver Service, Global Operating Zone Service, Local Operating Zone Service, GPS Fix Service, and an Inertial Sensor Control Service.

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