Techniques for Suspect/Counterfeit EEE Parts Detection by Delid/Decapsulation Physical Analysis Test Methods


This method standardizes inspection, test procedures and minimum training and certification requirements to detect Suspect/Counterfeit (SC) Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) components or parts utilizing Delid/Decapsulation Physical Analysis. The methods described in this document are employed to either delid or remove the cover from a hermetically sealed package or to remove the encapsulation or coating of an EEE part, in order to examine the internal structure and to determine if the part is suspect counterfeit. Information obtained from this inspection and analysis may be used to:

a. prevent inclusion of counterfeit parts in the assembly

b. identify defective parts

c. aid in disposition of parts that exhibit anomalies

This test method should not be confused with Destructive Physical Analysis as defined in MIL-STD-1580. MIL-STD-1580 describes destructive physical analysis procedures for inspection and interpretation of quality issues.

Due to the destructive nature of the test method that allows access to materials, design and layout information, the method may also enable observation of trends in design and material or process changes undertaken by the device manufacturer.

If AS6171/4 is invoked in the contract, the base document, AS6171 General Requirements shall also apply.


The general guidelines for inspection of parts after decapsulation/delid using the various techniques need to be better identified and clarified in the Document. Sections in the Document that reference high magnification inspection will be clarified and requirements for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) v/s high magnification optical inspection will be better illustrated.

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