Counterfeit Materiel; Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materiel - Bearings Slash Sheet


This document standardizes requirements for bearings: (a) supply chain management, procurement, inspection, parts management, and test/evaluation to assure the authenticity of bearings being acquired/used, and (b) response strategies when suspect or confirmed counterfeit bearings are discovered. Though developed primarily for critical application bearings, the document also may be applicable, at the discretion of the user, to other bearings with similar characteristics and applications. The bearings slash sheet is not intended to replace, conflict with, or duplicate requirements in quality system or AMS series material specs but rather to augment them with regards to counterfeit prevention and risk mitigation.


Counterfeit bearings are a threat to end product safety, reliability and performance. This AS6174 slash sheet on the bearings commodity area builds on the processes stated in AS6174 and adds commodity specific requirements with the goals of preventing the acquisition and use of counterfeit bearings and mitigating the impacts of any counterfeit incursion.

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