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AS6286 Training and Qualification Program for Deicing/Anti-icing of Aircraft on the Ground

AS6286/1 Processes including Methods

AS6286/2 Equipment

AS6286/4 Weather

AS6286/5 Health, Safety and First Aid

AS6286/6 Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Diagrams, No-Spray-Zones

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This document covers the standards for training and qualifying staff, related to the different aspects of deicing/anti-icing fluids.

In conjunction with the main document AS6286 and other related slash sheets it will provide training and qualification standards to set up a proper training and qualification program to deice and anti-ice aircraft on the ground information to support this training program is provided to make the material a better tool for the preparation and execution of the training and qualification. It is intended to provide a common basis for deicing/anti-icing training and qualification for de-icing providers and airlines. This material was compiled using various international documents with support from SAE documents and individually contributed editorial comments. Its purpose is to serve as a “Globalized Deicing Training Manual”.

The document is intended to promote and develop safe practices, effective procedures and improved technology related to training of aircraft ground operations in winter conditions to ensure the highest possible levels of safety for passengers, flight crew and ground personnel.

It can be utilized to develop a set of commonly agreed training practices and procedures for the deicing/anti-icing of aircraft on the ground reflecting current industry best practice. It shall ensure continued compliance with all relevant standards and regulatory requirements, and shall ensure that it continues to reflect current industry best practice.

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