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This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) defines the testing methods for all aerospace optic cables. The application of the test methods are defined in the slant sheets. Technical, dimensional, mechanical and operating performance requirements for the associated aerospace fiber optic cables are detailed in the applicable specification slant sheet. In the event of conflict between this standard and the slant sheet, the slant sheet shall take precedence.


Motivation for creating this document is to support the recent unprecedented growth of fiber optic technology in the Aerospace industry. It is meant to address the needs of todays and future demand for fiber optic applications and emerging photonic technologies that are being deployed on aerospace fiber optic network infrastructures. To address the shortfall of past technologies and provide the platform for future growth, the fiber optic infrastructure has to be able to support the current and foreseeable technology requirements for at least the next 30 years. This is in part to support the open and interchangeable architecture of SAE standards.The integration of fiber optic cables onto aerospace platforms requires a comprehensive general specification that defines the qualification requirements to establish approval by certification.

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