Performance based packaging standard for lithium batteries as cargo on aircraft


This standard is intended to demonstrate and document the control of the potential hazards from lithium cells or batteries (UN 3090 and 3480) when transported as cargo on aircraft. [still need to identify if we are addressing global (external fire) or local (battery internal failures)] This standard addresses the need to control the hazards which might arise from a failure from an individual cell by containing the hazards within the package. This specific hazards addressed within this standard are: • Uncontrolled fire • Rapid overpressure pulse within compartment


The fire protection capabilities and certification of original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) airframes and systems were developed considering the carriage of general cargo and not the unique hazards associated with the carriage of dangerous goods, including lithium batteries. The ICAO Council established a prohibition on the transport of lithium batteries as cargo on passenger aircraft as a temporary measure until controls were put into place which establish an acceptable level of safety. A performance-based packaging standard was identified as one of the controls.

  • SAE AS 6413
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