Solid Film Lubricant for Fluid Fittings in Oxygen, Potable Water, Hydraulic, and Other Systems


This document establishes the requirements for a dry film lubricant AS6449 lubricant for use on breathing oxygen system and potable water system components, for a temperature range of -90 to +300 °F. This document also establishes the Non-Destructive Test (NDT) procedures and criteria for coated production parts. This document requires qualified products and product applicators.


1. Shelf life requirement of the coating. Resin used in the formulation has a 24-month shelf life, therefore, 6 month is very limited. Request to change into 12 months from date of manufacture. Also, request to change D6-3488 to 12 months from date of manufacture as 6 months from date of receipt is very vague. 2. The odor test temperature will be changed back to 160F. Note: Oxylube-E’s odor test at 180F should be acceptable as it exceeds the requirement of 160F.

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