Data Dictionary for Quantities Used in Unmanned Systems


This data dictionary provides a mathematically coherent set of definitions for quantity types used in data models for unmanned systems. In this data dictionary, a quantity is defined as a property of a phenomenon, substance, or body whose value has magnitude.


Unmanned systems are robotic vehicles that are capable of performing a complex series of actions automatically, based on their given objectives, resources, and environment. Unmanned systems therefore process and exchange state information about real-world objects. The semantics of state information is typically defined by a data model and an associated data dictionary. Systems and resources that share a common data model and data dictionary therefore exhibit semantic interoperability and are more quickly integrated. In a data model, state information is expressed by the values of properties that are owned by real-world objects. Properties whose values have magnitude are categorized as quantities. Properties whose values do not have magnitude are categorized as nominal properties. This data dictionary provides definitions for quantity types commonly used in unmanned systems. This data dictionary also provides a structure that may be extended to define quantities that are empirical to a specialist domain or an individual system.

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