System Configuration Management Implementation Template (Oriented for a US Military Contract Environment)


This Bulletin is initially intended to be used to convey a combination of information to CM practitioners, both new and already skilled personnel alike. It provides the "what" of CM products and activities; with the "when" of CM correlated to DoD acquisition phases and milestones – thereby giving a time-phased depiction. The document spreadsheet should be read from top to bottom. It shows both the CM activities and products that should be performed and accomplished on a program or project. Next it provides a brief description of the CM activity or product and a column providing a reference(s) to other sources of information to learn even more about how the activity or product should be accomplished. Also included is a column for suggested level of CM control to be applied to the activity/product, from an Industry perspective.

Future iterations will include a more complete dataset covering columns for entry criteria, exit criteria and related products from other skillcodes/disciplines. This Bulletin also has future considerations for a couple of specific examples regarding how to use the document (i.e., a day in the life), from start to finish, assuming different CM user skill levels are involved.


This document remains valid for DoD programs and projects, with regards to Configuration Management (CM) activities to be performed over the lifecycle. Recommend it be stabilized via SAE terminology.

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