Immunity to Conducted Transients on Power Leads


This SAE Standard defines methods and apparatus to evaluate electronic devices for immunity to potential interference from conducted transients along battery feed or switched ignition inputs. Test apparatus specifications outlined in this procedure were developed for components installed in vehicles with 12-V systems (passenger cars and light trucks, 12-V heavy-duty trucks, and vehicles with 24-V systems). Presently, it is not intended for use on other input/output (I/O) lines of the device under test (DUT).


This standard is being acted upon (revise, Stabilized, reaffirm, or cancelled) due to the SAE 5 – year review requirement. It is recommended for re-affirmation. The rationale for reaffirmation is based on the development status of its corresponding & referencing ISO test standards (ISO 7637/2). ISO 7637/2 is currently being revised to include 48 Volt system and to incorporate the latest changes in ISO 7637/3. Revisions for ISO 7637/2 revision is currently in progress and is expected to be completed in 2-3 years. By reaffirm the current version of J1113/11, it will allow the committee time to revise the document in 2-3 years (upon the publication of ISO 7637/2) while still meeting the SAE 5-year review requirement.

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