Electrical Interference by Conduction and Coupling - Capacitive and Inductive Coupling via Lines Other than Supply Lines


This SAE Standard establishes test methods for the evaluation of devices and equipment in vehicles against transient transmission by coupling via lines other than the power supply lines. The test methods demonstrates the immunity of the instrument, device, or equipment to coupled fast transient disturbances, such as those caused by switching of inductive loads, relay contact bouncing, etc. Four test methods are presented in SAE J1113-12: 1.) The capacitive coupling clamp (CCC) method 2.) The direct capacitive coupling (DCC) method 3.) The inductive coupling clamp (ICC) method 4.) The capacitive/inductive coupling (CIC) method


This draft presents the new Capacitive, Inductive Coupling (CIC) method that replaces the older Chattering Relay method. The draft also includes improvements in description and use of all four test methods.

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