Road Vehicle - Hydraulic Brake Hose Assemblies for Use With Nonpetroleum-Base Hydraulic Fluids


<p>This SAE Standard specifies the performance tests and requirements for hydraulic brake hose assemblies used in the hydraulic braking system of a road vehicle. It also specifies the methods used for identification of the hose manufacturer.</p> <p>This document applies to brake hose assemblies made of a hose fabricated from yarn and natural or synthetic elastomers and assembled with metal end fittings for use with nonpetroleum-base brake fluids as specified in SAE J1703, SAE J1704 and SAE J1705.</p> <p>The nominal internal diameter of the brake hose shall fall within one of the following values:</p> <ul> a. less than 4 mm (1/8 in or less)<br/> b. 4 to 5 mm (3/16 in)</ul></p>


Per outcome of 05 May 2016 Automotive Brake and Steering Hose Committee meeting, it was recommended to initiate a task force to review/revise/add the following items to J1401: 1) Review hose volume expansion test method, revise if necessary, and add volume uptake method 2) Review and revise (clarify) whip test setup to insure proper ferrule/coupling alignment 3) Review J2995 task force progress and determine applicability to brake hose durability testing

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