Serial Control and Communications Heavy Duty Vehicle Network - Top Level Document


This top level document provides a general overview of the SAE J1939 network and describes the subordinate document structure. This document includes definitions of terms and abbreviations which are used among the various SAE J1939 subordinate documents. The SAE J1939DA Digital Annex spreadsheet replaces the Appendices of this document for the publication of the list of all SPN assignments, PGN assignments, NAME Function assignments, Manufacturer Code assignments, and Preferred Address assignments. This document has been updated to reflect the change to discontinue publishing the content of Table A2, Tables B1 through B12, and Table C1 in Appendix A, Appendix B, and Appendix C; instead, this content is now published in the SAE J1939DA Digital Annex spreadsheet.


This standard has been revised to add SAE J1939-16 Baud Rate Detection and SAE J1939-90 Traceability Matrix to J1939 documents list. It has also been updated to reflect recent changes to ISO 11898 documents. Additional text has been added to explain SAE J1939 provides the comprehensive superset of all defined J1939-based SPNs and PGNs and clarify that individual components and systems generally only support the subset of SPNs and PGNs applicable to the component or system requirements.

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