Human Factors in Forward Collision Warning Systems: Operating Characteristics and User Interface Requirements


Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems are onboard systems intended to provide alerts to assist drivers in avoiding striking the rear end of another moving or stationary motorized vehicle. This SAE Information Report describes elements for a FCW operator interface, as well as requirements and test methods for systems capable of warning drivers of rear-end collisions. This Information Report applies to original equipment and aftermarket FCW systems for passenger vehicles including cars, light trucks, and vans. This report does not apply to heavy trucks. Furthermore, this document does not address integration issues associated with adaptive cruise control (ACC), and consequently, aspects of the document could be inappropriate for an ACC system integrated with a FCW system.


Currently, SAE J2400 is an information report, first approved in 2003, and it has never been reviewed or updated. In the intervening years, there have been quite a bit of research and standards development related to FCW systems. After a brief review of J2400, the committee feels that the document does have a role to play as a continued information report, but it must be updated.

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