Fastener Part Standard - Machine Screws


This SAE Part Standard covers selected machine screws manufactured in accordance with American Society for Mechanical Engineers dimensional standards. This SAE standard covers material most often used in ship systems and equipment but its use may be applied wherever fasteners of the covered materials are used. This document permits the fasteners to be identified and ordered by a part identification number (PIN) as defined in this document.


1. - Correct typographical error in Figure 1 Field 5 Nominal Diameter Size PIN designators 0 thru 12. Numerical values for thread types UNC and UNF columns were inadvertently reversed. 2. Title updates are necessary for ASTM A29/A29M and ASTM F468. 3. Resolve deficiencies identified by Wilcox on the ballot for the currently issued document. Wilcox withdrew his disapproval with the provisio that he would sponsor a revision to correct these deficiencies. 4. Correct incorrect statement regarding Navy requirements regarding the use of black oxide coated fasteners.

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