Standard for Fuel Systems in Fuel Cell and Other Hydrogen Vehicles


The purpose of this document is to define design, construction, operational, and maintenance requirements for hydrogen fuel storage and handling systems in on-road vehicles. Performance-based requirements for verification of design prototype and production hydrogen storage and handling systems are also defined in this document. Complementary test protocols (for use in type approval or self-certification) to qualify designs (and/or production) as meeting the specified performance requirements are described. Crashworthiness of hydrogen storage and handling systems is beyond the scope of this document. SAE J2578 includes requirements relating to crashworthiness and vehicle integration for fuel cell vehicles. It defines recommended practices related to the integration of hydrogen storage and handling systems, fuel cell system, and electrical systems into the overall Fuel Cell Vehicle. NOTE: Ultimate design qualification for crash impact resistance is achieved by demonstrated compliance of the vehicle with applicable regulations.


Several items in the recently-approved document were marked "for guidance". The primary goal is to refine/verify these items so that all key requirements are normative. Additionally, it is anticipated that members will propose numerous minor changes to improve the current revision.

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