Test Procedure to Measure the Fuel Permeability of Materials by the Cup Weight Loss Method


This test standard covers the procedure for measuring the permeation of fuel or fuel surrogates through test samples of elastomeric, plastic or composite materials, up to about 3 mm thick.

The method involves filling a test cup with the test fluid (fuel or fuel surrogate), sealing test sample over the open end of the cup, and then placing the sealed container into an oven at the desired test temperature and measuring the weight loss over time. Permeation rates are calculated from the rate of weight loss and the exposed area of the test sample.

Standard permeation test temperatures are 40 °C and 60 °C. Standard test fluids are Fuel C, Fuel CE10 and Fuel CM15. Other fluids, such as Fuel CMTBE15, and other volatile liquids may be tested according to this procedure as desired (SAE J1681). The method is not applicable for measuring permeation of higher boiling materials that will not completely evaporate from the exterior surface of the sample at the test temperature.


The initial purpose of this evaluation is to review this document in the context of any changes in technology or needs related to its application, to make sure that all the information in the test procedure is current and appropriate for its intent. In the Fuel Systems Standards Committee meeting last year, there were some additions to the current procedure were suggested. During the reveiw possible additions and changes will be considered. One particular additions tha twas suggested was to add as part of the procedure a portion that includes speciation. Initially they was an intent to have a specification dedicated to testing by speciation, but that work was never completed. As an alternative it was suggested that it could be included as a psrt of this document.

  • SAE J 2665
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