Requirements for Built-In Service Port for On Board Diagnostics


This document presents the requirements for a build-in service port to be used in vehicles intended to comply with Enhanced Evaporative Emission Requirements. The primary function of the Service Port (Valve Assembly-Evaporative Emission Canister Purge Harness Service) is to provide non-destructive access to the evaporative emissions system to enable testing of the integrity of the system. The Service Port is used to introduce air pressure or fuel vapors into, or evacuate them out of, the system. This access may be used for the following evaluations: Evaporative System Certifications Canister Loading and Pumping End-of-line Testing System Integrity Service (e.g. OBD MIL on) Leak Location and Repair Verification In-Use Compliance Testing Canister Loading and Purging Inspection/Maintenance Testing System Integrity and Purge Check


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