J2836 - Instructions for PEV Communications, Interoperability and Security


This SAE Information Report J2836™ establishes the instructions for the documents required for the variety of potential functions for PEV communications, energy transfer options, interoperability and security. This includes the history, current status and future plans for migrating thru these documents created in the Hybrid Communication and Interoperability Task Force, based on functional objective (e.g. (1) if I want to do V2G with an off-board inverter, what documents and items within them do I need, (2) What do we intend for V3 of J2953, …).


Plug-in Electric Vehicles have a multitude of options regarding charging and discharging functions and six categories have been established to clearly identify Use Cases, Messages/Signals, Protocol, then include Diagnostics, Interoperability and Security. The overall functions are explained and then scenarios are included to clearly guide towards all of the specific documents and sections within these are required and optional for the variety of options available.

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