Communication Between Plug-In Vehicles and Off-Board DC Chargers


This SAE Recommended Practice SAE J2847-2 establishes requirements and specifications for communication between Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV) and the DC Off-board charger. Where relevant, this document notes, but does not formally specify, interactions between the vehicle and vehicle operator.

This document applies to the off-board DC charger for conductive charging, which supplies DC current to the Rechargable Energy Storage System (RESS) of the electric vehicle through a SAE J1772™ coupler. Communications will be on the SAE J1772 Pilot line for PLC communication. The details of PowerLine Communications (PLC) are found in SAE J2931/4.

The specification supports DC energy transfer via Forward Power Flow (FPF) from source to vehicle.


SAE J2847-2 provides messages for DC energy transfer. This is based on the use cases in J2836/2™ that established the DC charging requirements. The April, 2015 published version, included updates for DC Charging resulting from interoperability testing on production programs and deployed equipment. This revision will add Distributed Energy Resource (DER) messages and signals for off-board inverters that are described in J2836/3™ and J3072.

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