Hydraulic Fluid Power - Accelerated Method for Determining the Wear Characteristics of a Hydraulic Component Due to Contaminants


1. Scope. 1.1 This Recommended Practice defines a procedure, which will aid in assessing the contaminant sensitivity of hydraulic components. This procedure utilizes a very high level of contaminant that permits an accelerated test to determine the affects of contamination in a relatively short period. This recommended practice utilizes the contamination sensitivity test circuit and contaminants identified in SAE J2470. 1.2 This procedure does not establish contamination sensitivity requirements for any hydraulic component. The user of this procedure needs to be aware of the system contamination level that the component will operate in and select test contamination levels significantly higher that the operating level in order to assess the suitability of the component.


A 5 yr review by Wilcox provided to the Committee as posted in Committee Work Area for revision of the document indicated that changes are needed to Appendix B to: 1. Delete one of the sources for contaminants 2. Update the contact information for one of the test facilities capable of conducting the tests.

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