Performance Characterization of Electrified Powertrain Motor-drive Subsystem


This document was developed to provide a method of obtaining repeatable measurements that accurately reflects the performance of a propulsion electric drive subsystem, whose output is used in an electrified vehicle regardless of complexity or number of energy sources. The purpose is to provide a familiar and easy-to-understand performance rating. Whenever there is an opportunity for interpretation of the document, a good faith effort shall be made to obtain the typical in-service performance and characteristics and avoid finding the best possible performance under the best possible conditions. Intentional biasing of operating parameters or assembly tolerances to optimize performance for this test shall not be considered valid results in the scope of this document.


The procedure, section 4, of the document will be modified to comply with testing laboratory sequencing in which data acquisition (DAQ) instrumentation, such as dSpace, compiles raw sensor data and stores this locally. Once a scheduled test run completes the dSpace, or similar DAQ presents the file to dynamometer console for viewing and data analysis in a MathLab, or similar, environment

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