Procedure for Certification that Requirements for Mobile Air Conditioning System Components, Service Equipment, and Service Technician Training Meet SAE J Standards


This SAE Standard provides manufacturers, testing facilities and providers of technician training with a procedure for certifying compliance with the applicable standard. Manufacturers or seller who advertise their products as Certified to an SAE J standard shall follow this procedure. Certification of a product is voluntary; however, this certification process is mandatory for those advertising meeting SAE Standard(s) requirements. Only certifying to this standard allows those claiming compliance to advertise that their product (unit), component, or service technician training meets all requirements of the applicable SAE standard.

Certification of compliance to this and the appropriate standard and use of the SAE label on the product shall only be permitted after all the required information has been submitted to SAE International and it has been posted on the SAE web site. This process is mandatory for those advertising as being “Certified to SAE JXXXX-(version)” [appropriate SAE Standard] requirements or any advertising or labeling language that implies such certification. SAE International will post the results in the official SAE on-line database.

SAE J2911 requires manufacturers, testing facilities, and technician training providers to comply with different requirements. This document covers requirements for MAC system components, service equipment and printed training manuals that are different in content. Therefore, for consistency of reference in this standard, they are identified for general reference as a “product”. Additionally, a reference in this standard to an applicable standard is used as a general term and it refers to the document that defines the requirements such as Section 609 of the Clean Air Act. Regulatory agencies will also have access to the SAE International public posting of the results in the official SAE database.


Currently the submission for registration requires the Manufacturer of the equipment be identified. Need to update standard to permit registration of equipment by a Manufacturer or a Marketer.

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