Safety Standard for Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion Battery Systems Utilizing Lithium-based Rechargeable Cells


This SAE Standard defines a minimum set of acceptable safety criteria for a lithium-based rechargeable battery system to be considered for use in a vehicle propulsion application as an energy storage system connected to a high voltage power train. While the objective is a safe battery system when installed into a vehicle application, this Standard is primarily focused, wherever possible, on conditions which can be evaluated utilizing the battery system alone. As this is a minimum set of criteria, it is recognized that battery system and vehicle manufacturers may have additional requirements for cells, modules, packs and systems in order to assure a safe battery system for a given application. A battery system is a completely functional energy storage system consisting of the pack(s) and necessary ancillary subsystems for physical support and enclosure, thermal management, and electronic control.


Development of a 48V Intermediate Voltage Task for to add to J2929. Development will include 48V Dual Voltage, Mild Hybrid Concepts. It is believed that this addition to the J2929 will likely lead to the SAE development of a stand alone performance SAE Standard to 48V intermediate/mild hybrid/dual voltage systems. Revisions will likely focus on 48V lithium Ion and 12V lead acid in the dual voltage application. Review of this Task Force has been approved by the Battery Safety Committee and previously by the Battery Steering Committee. Regards, Jim Pilarzyk Technical Manager Clariant Energy Storage - Battery Materials mobile: 502.424.9798

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