Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) Common Performance Requirements™


This SAE Standard serves as the parent document for the J2945/x family of standards. It contains cross-cutting material which applies to the other J2945 standards, including guidance for the use of Systems Engineering (SE) and generic DSRC interface requirements content. The scope of the J2945 system environment is the information exchange between a host vehicle and remote vehicles and between a host vehicle and the roadside, to address safety, mobility, and environmental system needs.


The purpose of this SAE Standard is to: • Establish a number of SE principles and how these are to be documented in the DSRC TC work. This document will state these concepts once so that each J2945/x document need not repeat the information. • Document generic content which applies to multiple 2945/x standards. Where generic content does not exist, sections with the same titles as those found in the 2945/x outline will simply include a description of the material to be found in the 2945/x documents. Normative information of this type remains normative in any of the J2945/x documents unless it is specifically defined in another way in that document. • Provide guidance on how to properly read and interpret the J2945/x family of documents to assist standards-based deployments and procurement processes.

  • SAE J 2945
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