Range Test Protocol for PEV (Plug-In Electric Vehicles) Small Task Oriented Vehicles (STOV)


This test protocol is being developed to create a voluntary guideline for manufacturers of PEV Small Task Oriented Vehicles (STOV’s) to use to validate the range of their vehicles. The intent is to develop a laboratory test protocol for range testing that is repeatable and can be conducted using common dynamometer testing facilities.


Today only LSV’s (U.S. FMVSS 571.500) have a range test protocol which is covered under the US Government’s 40CFR86.1770-99 and the US Environmental Protection Agency Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule (UDDS) U.S. FTP-72.  Outside of these range test protocol’s for LSV’s, no specific vehicle range test protocols, standards or guidelines exists for other PEV powered Small Task Oriented Vehicles (STOV) .  In the absence of a standard or guideline, manufacturers are left to develop their own vehicle range test standard based on internal test protocols.  Often times, these range tests are not repeatable due to variation in battery state of charge, ambient temperature, battery pack temperature, test termination points based on battery pack low voltage, cycle life of the battery pack, types of battery used, tire inflation, road surfaces, etc..  The goal of this project is to create an industry test protocol that can be used to range test PEV STOV’s that fall within ANSI B56.8, ANSI B71.9 (Pending), and SAE J2258.

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