Coiled Tubing Assemblies for Heavy Duty Air Brake Applications


This SAE Standard establishes the minimum performance and endurance requirements for coiled air brake tubing assemblies used for hookup between tractors, trailers and converter dollies. The Standards SAE J844 and SAE J246 along with J1131 must be consulted to determine the complete performance and endurance requirements of individual components of the system. Related TMC Recommended Practices may be consulted for information associated with selection, installation and inspection of these assemblies. This document is intended to set out requirements for the majority of conditions rather than for specialized applications or environments.


There are Standards covering the design and performance requirements of tubing and fittings as well as the integrity of the connection of these components. However, coiled tubing assemblies used for interconnecting the air brake system between towing and towed vehicles such as trailers and converter dollies, face extreme conditions of handling as well as environmental and application-related factors that lead to their failure. The intent of this Standard is to consider these factors and establish performance requirements that respond to these issues in a manner quite different from those of straight tubing applications. The SAE J2222 Coiled Electrical Cable Standard is a related document except that it addresses the cables that run alongside the coiled tubing assemblies. TMC and ISO documents also contributed to the development of this document.

  • SAE J 3041
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