Off-Road Self-Propelled Work Machines Operator enclosure environment Part 5:Windscreen defrosting system test method


J3078/5 specifies a test method to determine the performance of windscreen defrosting systems of earth-moving machinery, fitted with an operator enclosure and a device for defrosting the windscreen. It includes tests that can be conducted with test equipment in commercially available laboratory facilities, as well as in an appropriate outdoor environment.


There are currently 2 ISO documents and several J documents covering test procedures relating to operator enclosure environment. The ISO documents are basically several J documents combined into the ISO format. Technical content of all these documents was prepared by SAE SC6. This new document will contain the same technical content as the other documents but can be applied to vehicles not covered by the ISO documents. Several J documents will be replaced. Changes to the technical content of this new document will be controlled by SAE SC6. Since the format of the new document will be the same as the ISO format, it will be simpler for the SAE liaison group to present any changes to ISO.

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