Technical Information Report (TIR) for Vehicular Hydrogen Sensor Test Methods


This SAE Technical Information Report (TIR) provides test methods for evaluating hydrogen sensors when the hydrogen system integrator and/or vehicle manufacturer elect to use such devices on board their hydrogen or fuel cell vehicles. The test methods are performance-based using environmental and operating conditions defined in SAE J2578. Since the use of the on-board hydrogen sensors is not standardized or regulated, the implementation of these sensors can vary greatly from vehicle to vehicle. In general, the test methods considered the widest reasonable range of operating conditions based on different possible sensor implementations within the vehicle. For example, the on-board sensor could be located in relatively dry environments like the passenger compartment or in “damp” environments such as the process exhaust from the fuel cell system. For this reason, the system integrator and/or vehicle manufacturer need to determine which test methods and associated test conditions are applicable for their implementation(s) and define specific test acceptance criteria based on the achieving the required performance of their process control and protective systems within the vehicle.


This SAE report provides test methods that can be employed by hydrogen sensor manufacturers, system integrators, and vehicle manufacturers to evaluate the performance of hydrogen sensors under conditions likely to exist during vehicular service. By so doing, the proper sensor can be selected for their vehicles.

  • SAE J 3089
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