Design and Performance Specifications for a Generic Buck used in the Assessment of Pedestrian Dummy Whole Body Impact Response


This Information Report addresses the design and performance specifications for a generic buck to be used in full-scale vehicle to pedestrian tests conducted to evaluate pedestrian dummy performance. Specifically, the buck is designed to mimic the impact response of the front end of a sedan within the small family car vehicle class during a collision with a pedestrian. The goal is to develop a generic buck with simplified geometry and a limited number of components made of clearly defined and readily available engineering materials to facilitate manufacturing and reproducibility. To ensure performance of the buck, it is specified that the buck mimics the peak crush, absorbed energy, and peak force corresponding to a sedan within the small family car vehicle class during a pedestrian impact. The design and performance specifications provided in this document (J-XXXX) focus on 1) the design specifications describing the materials and geometry of the generic buck 2) the specific justification procedures that are required to ensure that the impact performance of the buck represents that of a sedan within the small family car vehicle class and 3) the specific certification tests that are required to ensure that any manufactured buck meets the necessary design specifications.


Performance evaluations of pedestrian dummies require standardized test methodologies and equipment. A full-scale vehicle to pedestrian impact test is an essential performance evaluation for a pedestrian dummy. While production vehicles obviously provide a realistic platform for vehicle to pedestrian impacts, the limited long-term availability of production vehicles combined with the geometric and stiffness constraints imposed by a particular vehicle model reduce their desirability for performance specifications. This Information Report provides the design and performance specifications required to develop a generic test buck, representing a small family car, for use in evaluating the biofidelity of pedestrian dummies in full-scale tests.

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