Minimum Performance Criteria for MVAC Flushing Methods used in R-134a & R-1234yf Systems.


This SAE standard applies to any and all Flushing Methods intended for use to internally clean, decontaminate, and recondition components and sections of the refrigerant circuit within a vehicle air conditioning system. This standard provides testing and acceptance criteria for determining the minimum performance of a Flushing Method, intended for use in the servicing and repair process of vehicle air conditioning system. This standard will only specify the Flushing Method performance criteria. Specifications for air conditioning Flushing Fluids are outlined in SAE J3091.


As modern vehicle air conditioning systems have become smaller and more efficient; components and heat exchangers have also become more compact and complex. These changes have rendered many traditional flushing methods as incapable of cleaning the internals of such complex circuits; and many problems have arisen from the continued attempts to use such inferior flushing methods. Thus there is a need for the SAE ICCC to determine and establish minimum performance test criteria for Flushing Method performance.

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