Integration of Battery Pack Systems in Bus Electrification


a) Creation of a standard specific to integration of energy storage systems into electrification of buses of all types which comprehends safety, performance, life and cost considerations utilizing worldwide standards as references in order to maximize existing work. The document applies to both purpose built electric buses and retrofit electrified buses. b) Harmonization of these existing standards achieve specific objectives that provide guidance in effective and safe designs of electrificed buses which utilize battery pack systems as the energy storage device. c) Future Considerations


The global electrified bus market is growing rapidly to meet the demands of abating environmental impact of fossil fuel based propulsion systems. This rapid electrification is happening at an accelerated rate with many manufacturers’ taking design technology to limits, or not understanding the full scope of proper engineering protocols in designing these sophisticated electrified systems. Both of these scenarios may create safety, performance, life and cost concerns to the manufacturer and to large civic exposure to the passengers of these machines. It is the intent of this document to create a comprehensive standard which provides guidance in areas which are known to create safer, performing machines with life expectancies and cost value which provides maximum benefit to the general public. The document will draw information from worldwide standards to provide guidance in design of commercially available product.

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