Aftermarket Service Lubricants for use in MVAC Systems


This SAE standard applies to compressor lubricants intended for aftermarket use in the refrigerant circuit of vehicle air-conditioning systems. This standard does not grant the user to qualify a lubricant as OEM approved. This SAE Standard is not limited by refrigerant selection, however, only refrigerants identified in SAE 639 may apply for SAE J2911 submission and container labeling.


For lubricants to be effective, they must be chemically stable with the refrigerant, compatible with system materials, possess the proper viscosity profile, be sufficiently soluble in the refrigerant to circulate throughout the system, and provide adequate lubrication for the operating compressor. The tests defined herein are intended to provide a useful comparison of aftermarket lubricants to those chosen by vehicle makers to establish minimum requirements for an aftermarket (service) lubricant.

  • SAE J 3140
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