Camera Monitor Systems Test Protocols and Performance Requirements


This SAE Recommended Practice provides test protocols with performance requirements for Camera Monitor Systems to replace existing statutorily required inside and outside rear-view mirrors for US market road vehicles. This practice expands specific technical content while retaining harmonization with the FMVSS 111 Rear Visibility standard, and other international standards. This is accomplished by defining required roadway fields of view as specific fields of view (FOV) displayed inside the vehicle. Specific testing protocols and/or specifications are added to enhance ease of use using straightforward language and any specifications are intended to be independent of different camera and display technologies unless otherwise explicitly stated.


Increased demands for occupant safety and fuel economy have reduced rear visibility because of the higher belt-lines in recent vehicle designs. At the same time, technology improvements in automotive cameras and displays now makes real time camera monitor system a realistic option to replace mirrors and potentially improve rear visibility and reduce wind drag that results from exterior mirrors.

  • SAE J 3155
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