Active Safety Bicyclist Test Targets Recommendation


The scope of this task force is to gather information of all bicyclist targets known to the task force members and analyzed the state of the art features of these targets. The goal of the Bicyclist Test Target Task Force is to develop standard specifications/requirements for bicyclist test targets that are representative of real bicyclists to the sensors used in Forward Looking Pedestrian Detection systems and can be used for performance assessment of such in-vehicle systems (including warning and/or braking) in real world test scenarios/conditions.


Improving bicyclist safety is one of the major goals for active safety systems. As more active safety systems, especially the automatic emergency braking systems, are introduced to the market, a standard surrogate bicyclist target is needed for automotive industries to test and evaluate the autonomous emergency braking systems. SAE International created an Active Safety Bicyclist Test Mannequin Task Force under the Active Safety Systems Standards Committee to study this topic and to recommend a bicyclist target standard. All members of the task force are from industry, government, and academia and many members had experience in using and/or developing mannequins and testing them.

  • SAE J 3157
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