Component Level EPB Actuation NVH


The component level EPB actuation NVH task force should review existing specifications and measurement methods used in the industry to find any commonalities and propose a recommended method for measuring and evaluating component level EPB actuation NVH to be used as a common standard throughout the industry. The task force should acknowledge the following objectives: 1. Task force should review existing industry specifications and further define the scope for creating the new standalone component level EPB actuation NVH standard a. The common standard should be universally recognized and accepted by the automotive industry b. Provide confidence that acceptable vehicle related NVH results will be achieved if vehicle level testing is completed c. Provide clear verifiable acceptance criteria 2. Task force must lay out steps and timing to complete the development of the new common standard. 3. Task force must complete development of the new common standard and successfully receive Brake NVH Standards Committee voting approval.


A SAE standard does not exist for component level EPB actuation NVH but there are many different standards and measurement methods being followed by the OEMs and suppliers. A common universally recognized method for measuring and evaluating component level EPB actuation NVH would be beneficial to the automotive industry. Due to the many different standards currently being used, it is difficult to compare results from different sources (OEM, tier 1 supplier, tier 2 supplier, etc.). With a common standard, it would allow for easy comparison of EPB actuation NVH results between OEM and supplier and between suppliers (tier 1 vs. tier 2, etc.). Also, a common standard would allow for suppliers and OEMs to validate based on the same measurement method and acceptance criteria. The intended focus of this new standard is to specify the component level measurement method and acceptance criteria for EPB actuation NVH. A modern industry standard specification for EPB actuation NVH will reduce testing since the testing will only need to be performed per one specification instead of multiple specifications, allow for easy results comparisons between test sites, and will result in a stronger industry backed standard into which confidence will be placed.

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