Metallic Tube Connections for Fluid Power and General Use – Part 1: 37° Flared Fittings


The September 2006 edition of SAE J514 was a single document specifying the requirements for 37° flare adapters with J1926-3 stud ends and NPTF Pipe ends, Flareless Bite Type Adapters, internal and external hex plugs, NPTF pipe adapters, and Adapter Unions. In XXXXX 2005, ISO 8434-2 was published covering the requirements for 37° Flare adapters with ISO 6149-3, ISO 1179-3, ISO 11926-3 and ISO 9974-3 stud ends.. This revision of SAE J514 adopts the connectors covered within ISO 8434-2 incorporating the rationalized dimensions from ISO 8434-2 where applicable, for the inch (ISO 11926-3 / SAE J1926-3) stud end 37° connectors, as well as fitting configurations that are not specified in the ISO standard. Formerly, SAE J514 was organized as a single document with 10 clauses, which included 6 sections. This revision of SAE J514 has been organized into three sections as follows: Part 1: 37° Flared Fittings Part 2: Flareless (Bite Type) Fittings Part 3: NPTF Pipe Fittings and Pipe Unions Internal and external hex O-ring plugs were removed from J514. These plugs are now specified in SAE J1926-4. Straight Thread O-Ring ports were removed from SAE J514. These ports are now specified in SAE J1926-1. 37° Tube Fittings with NPTF Pipe Threads, formerly part of J514 are now attached as Annex X


Rewrite J514 to Harmonize with ISO 8434-2 where applicable, and properly organize the like adapters into individual parts. In an effort to standardize within a global market and ensuring that companies can remain competitive in an international market, it is the intent to convert to metric hex sizes which will: - lead to one global system - guide users to preferred system - reduce complexity - eliminate duplications The optional inch hexes now contain the note “NOT TO BE USED FOR NEW DESIGN” in accordance with the Metric Hex Resolution approved during the March 2008 FCCTC meeting. All dimensions are given in SI units. Except Nominal sizes, and Thread designations, US customary units have been eliminated from this standard

  • SAE J 514/1
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