Personnel Protection for General Purpose Industrial Machines


This SAE Standard is intended to be used as a guide for manufacturers and users of general purpose industrial machines to provide a reasonable degree of protection for personnel during normal operation and servicing. This document excludes skid steers which are covered by SAE J1388. Avoidance of accidents also depends upon the care exercised by such persons (see SAE J153). Inclusion of this standard instate, federal, or any laws or regulations where flexibility of revision is lacking is discouraged.


Rationale This document is being updated in the following various categories: • Removal of various referenced Standards that have been cancelled • Addition of various referenced Standards replacing others that have been cancelled • Incorporating requirements, as necessary, from J1042 Operator Protection for General-Purpose Industrial Machines in order to cancel J1042. • Incorporating new requirements. The current revision was last reaffirmed in 2004 and does not represent the latest safety considerations for this type of equipment. A complete revision of the document has been reviewed by OPTC C1 Committee members and agreement was reached to proceed with voting on a new project request. Proposed revision is at: (Committee work area, Oct2013 Revision of J98 for NWIP, Jim Angel)

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