Integrated Project Processes for Engineering a System


The purpose of the "Integrated Project Processes for Engineering a System(IPPES)" Standard is to provide an integrated set of fundamental technical processes to aid a project in the engineering or reengineering of a system over the full life cycle. Covers systems that can be any combination of people (humans); product (hardware or software); or process (service). Applicable to any type of system: commercial or non-commercial; small or large, simple or complex, precedented or unprecedented; new or legacy or any combination of these characteristics.


This supersedes EIA-632 to new standard to be applicable to all types of Systems including but not limited to Aerospace. o User feedback indicated problems with obsolescence, organization and presentation of information. o Difficult to understand flow among activities (limited figures and lack of output listings with processes) o Improve alignment / harmonization with ISO/IEC 15288, and CMMI. o Improve alignment / harmonization with related SAE SSTC G-committees standards.

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